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Meet J. Kyle Howard

"Among the many hats I wear, I am often reminded that in the grand scheme I am insignificant. However, my insignificance is an important part of the universe because I carry within me the love that has blessed mankind. I am all and nothing at the same time. I am Nowhere. What a wonderful place to be."

In this world, some people think that there is some magical power that those who live successful lives have. The myriad of rags-to-riches stories you hear boast of some “secret” that only a few people possess.

That’s the hero story pattern being told and I’d be feeding you bullshit if I tried to walk you down that path. I simply won’t do it. You see, that typical story line would have you believe that I had some strategic plan. That every step I took was carefully laid out in a nice, linear fashion, and that all you had to do was follow my way step-by-step to achieve all of your goals.

My story isn’t one of magical powers, but one of sheer stubbornness and refusal to lose. It isn’t about rags-to-riches… It’s about an average guy born into a meager existence and finding an non-traditional path to success.

I’m not bragging about big houses, world travel, or driving around in exotic cars. I am just a guy that played the hand that I was dealt that decided that I did not want to live a life of lack. I tried to follow the well-worn path of go to school, get good grades, and be rewarded with a cube for the next forty (40) years. That path was unacceptable to me, period!!!

I am a guy who lives life the way I want to. I live in a very nice neighborhood, drive a very nice car, have loving relationships with friends and family. I have my own and consult with other businesses.

Quite frankly, I live a very good life. But, it wasn’t always that way. 


I had a very strong reason to succeed – a big “why” as they say. I had grown into a lonely, single parent, living at home with my mother, with no job or prospect of finding one. I know it seemed selfish of me, but I thought my son would be better off without me.

I was serious and would go to my personal success library and devour everything I could get my hands on looking for those hidden nuggets or secrets that I may have been missing. I…

  • Read over 67 self-help books…
  • Listened to how-to tapes and audio non-stop in my car or on my Walkman…
  • Never missed a seminar in my area…
  • Was on every conference call and attended every success mentorship meeting…
  • Went to ALL the events…
  • Milked my church elders for every drop of biblical wisdom and advice I could get from them…
  • Plastered my room with goal cards, positive affirmations, and pictures of all the stuff I wanted to do when I was “making it”…
  • And… most importantly… I did everything I was told to do, exactly the way I was told to do it.

There was only one problem though.  My ship was sinking fast and I had nowhere to turn. After months of busting my butt, I wasn’t any closer to living the life I wanted than I was when I started! Imagine that.

Sure, I had a small victory here and there. But nothing to stand up and cheer about. I could not, for the life of me, understand why it wasn’t working! I was doing everything I was told to do and then some!

At the end of 20 grueling months I was…

  • Disgusted by the “imagine that you already have it” philosophy; “ask, seek, and knock” theology; “law of attraction and think positive” mumbo jumbo.
  • Fed up with the gurus telling me to just “change my thoughts” or “hang out with successful people” when I knew that wasn’t the real problem.
  • Frustrated that no matter how hard I tried, nothing in my life seemed to change. And…
  • I spent every dime I had buying all of these tapes, books, seminars, etc. that did nothing but “pump me up”. I might as well have been throwing money out of the window instead of fattening the wallet of the latest know-it-all, flavor of the month guru.

Any of this sound familiar? I had hit a massive brick wall and the best advice these experts had to offer me was, “Your thoughts will bring to you the things you want in life.”

Sorry, but I’ve heard this all before and I’ve had quite enough thank you. I knew there had to be a better way to do it. There was no way it could be this hard. 


I remember this like it was yesterday. It was December 3rd, 1989. I was beyond hopeless so I checked into a motel ready to end it all. I was a perpetual and complete failure at everything.

If there was a method of achieving success, I was willing to try it, but nothing seemed to work for me. I desperately needed to know who I was, what was I doing here, and why was I living such a wretched life. My life here just made no sense to me.

Deep down inside, I knew that life offered me more than what I was seeing. I wanted a simple, honest, but a bona-fide, and time-tested way to leave a life of lack and easily step into the world of abundance and success.

As a last-ditch effort, I decided that I was going to do this one thing before I took my last breath. I was reluctant at first, but I followed through with it anyway. At this point in my life, what did I have to lose?

What I discovered in that motel room on that cold, winter night was that I, like most people, had two lives: the one that I was currently living – desperate, broke, uninspired, a complete failure at everything including relationships; and the other life – abundant, wealthy, loved, healthy, and successful.

I had already mastered failure, but now the “key” to my success was sitting right there staring me in the face. I was so excited that I could hardly sleep. I could not believe that I was almost ready to end it all.

It had taken me a while, but finally (just like everyone else who builds a successful life) I too figured out that nearly everything I had been doing all those years was a complete waste of time. I put myself through a lot of what seemed to be unnecessary pain and frustration.

But in the end, I did accomplish what I had set out to do in the first place… and a whole lot more! 


You see, I could have been living the life I truly desired a long, long time ago had someone just let me in on this shockingly simple secret.

Now listen to this:

  • Thousands(shooting for 1 million) of people are reading my Insights Journal.
  • My first book Unleash Your Inner Penguin is one of the most downloaded eBooks available online.
  • This past year, I’ve likely introduced more people to discovering their true purpose in life that has led to unheard of success.
  • I’ve been featured in numerous publications to include Executive Excellence Magazine, Total Body Makeover (by Bob Greene, Oprah’s personal trainer), and numerous national newspapers and magazines.
  • Until the site closed, I was a featured expert at and a business consultant on

I’ve also conceived the idea and led the building of the “World’s Largest Thank You” card for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Although I am proud of my accomplishments, I don’t mention them to brag or boast. I simply wish to point out that I have successfully accomplished some major things in my life after once being considered an absolute failure. 


I started from scratch and began the success education process again. I immersed myself in studying and read everything on success and the trials and tribulations of successful people I could possibly get my hands on.

Except this time I did something different. And this one simple change ended up being the best thing I’ve ever done for my life.

Want to know what that change was? 

I Learned How to Recognize the Obstacles, Barriers, and Blocks That Were Stopping Me From Getting to Where in Life I Wanted to Be...

I learned principles that completely revolutionized my thinking. The proverbial “light bulb” had gone on. Suddenly everything became crystal clear. I finally understood, after years of struggling and spinning my wheels, why I seemed to continually fall flat on my face. I finally understood why life seemed so frustrating and so hard.

What I discovered was that…

In so many ways, we are hard-wired to believe that there is some intangible difference between people who are truly wealthy and successful… and everyone else.

Why is this?

It’s because life as it is taught to us is designed so that we live a life of “average, mediocrity.”

Well what’s wrong with that?


This double-edged sword has severe side effects and I believe it’s the true root cause of almost all the problems experienced by people in this world. 

Here’s what happens as a results of this:

97% of people who try to succeed in life have absolutely no real foundation of effective methods or techniques in how to do so and therefore the stuff they pass on to their equally unknowing children can only be described as pure garbage.

This vicious cycle of failure is accepted by the next generation as they try and try again only to meet with poor results. They then give up and pass their days away wishing for something better. Deep down inside they know that there is more to life than what they are living. From one generation to the next, this mediocre lifestyle is passed on.

The choice then becomes clear… You are either working to make your life all that it can be or working to fulfill the dreams of someone else who has figured it out.

Being educated about success by the self-help industry is very, very dangerous. (I’ve got the scars to prove it: damaged relationships and tons of credit card debt that I was finally able to pay off.)

It wasn’t until I began looking outside the industry that I found the answers to all my problems and things did a complete turn around.

When I say I added a twist to what the experts had taught me, I mean just that. 


I originally offered this information as part of a prison rehabilitation program. Since I did not like the sound of bars closing behind me, I offered this information online. After about 3 months, I started receiving emails and letters of thanks from about 87 different countries (101 countries now).

My intention with this site is to provide a path for those of you looking for “More” in life. I’ve developed a step-by-step way to help you get all that is important to you, be all that you were created to be, and become the uniquely wonderful person living the wonderful life that is meant for you.

I am glad you’re here and I look forward to walking down this road with you.

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